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Alibaba has obtained a net profit of 1.156 billion dollars in the year corresponding to the 2T2018, figures that are a-44.15% lower than the 2.07 billion of dollars obtained during the 2t 2017. The complete results can be consulted in the following link to the official Alibaba website.

The most important financial magnitudes of the period have been as follows:

The operating income has been located at 1.212 billion of dollars, lower than those of the last period that were of 2.583 billion. The operating margin stood at 9.91%, in contrast to 34.89% of the previous period.
The net margin (net profit/sales) of the period was 9.45%, less than 27.96% of the past period. This ratio tells us how much profit we get for each monetary unit of income.
However, revenues grew 61% from the 2T2017, reached the figure of 12,229,000,000 dollars. The net profit has decreased mainly due to an increase in the costs of SBC (compensation in Ant Financial shares to Alibaba employees) because of an increase in the valuation of ant Financial, otherwise the benefits would have grown by 33%
Cash and equivalent items have been reduced by investments in and ZTO Express. To June 2018 it has been located in 25,373,000,000 of dollars, 16% lower than the figures reached in the 1T2018, although higher than those of the 2T2017.
The basic BPA of this 2T2018 has been 0,51 $/share, while the 2t 2017 was 0,85 $/share. This value indicates the benefit that corresponds to each outstanding action.

Alibaba results

Business Magnitudes

The only profitable business segment continues to be e-Commerce, which has achieved an EBITA of 4.956 billion dollars. In the other business segments (Cloud, Digital Media and innovation) continue to accumulate losses, even though the revenues increase considerably.
Alibaba points out that in the mobile TaoBao trading platform They have more than 634 million of monthly active users (only in China), assuming a net increase of 17 million users. The vast majority of new users come from Lower tier cities. They point out that the increase was due to the improvements implemented in the mobile App.

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